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Our mission is simple: to help people and businesses grow.

este is truly a personal experience. But like everything in life, it's not for everyone. We are not an average outsourcing company with a standard model, we work tailor-made and are not geared towards entrepreneurs or companies that do not want to grow or are only looking for the cheapest solution. We go for personality, communication and expertise and ask for a commitment.

We are determined to keep our promises, we only work with the most experienced designers, architects, engineers and consultants, we use the latest technology and are always available, which means that our packages are only suitable for those who want to achieve their goals.

este international is a unique outsourcing company for architects and construction companies that want to grow and dominate the competition. The best way to find out how we keep our promises and how other architects and entrepreneurs are growing with our solutions is to read their experiences and to decide if we are worth working with us.

Evelyn Stremersch, is the founder and CEO of este international, and believes that just one purpose is far too narrow for one person

Evelyn Stremersch

Having more purposes doesn’t make me a freak.
(Why:) I have become obsessed with improving other lives, because I have become obsessed with improving mine, so I know it is possible for you too.

In the meantime, I am thoroughly immersed in my niches that it would be regrettable not to share it with the world.
Over the years I have found that I have a lot of ambition, that I am committed and purpose-driven. What these purposes exactly are has taken me a few years to define and after a while, I came to the conclusion that it shouldn't be smart to focus on just one thing. (no matter what some coaches and gurus claimed it was better to concentrate on one thing)
I know I have the capabilities to serve many industries and businesses.

But because I'm a giver, it's important to define our boundaries from the beginning, which means I cannot work with everyone. I only work with like-minded talented professionals and clients who take the same responsibility and have the same values: ambition, commitment & purpose-driven.

My purpose is to have an impact on your personal and professional growth in life, by inspiring and adding value.

I'm the link / the connection that you can't make yourself, whether it's the talent you can't find, or the international business, that outstanding design that you can't bring to life, or that property investment. I let you achieve your goals. 

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With este create, we build remote teams where professionals from the construction industry connect, team up and grow. We are able to assign the most experienced creative talent in a short period of time to AMBITIOUS architects and entrepreneurs, to those who need it most to grow their business.

Recently, Clutch - a customer marketing platform for B2C brands - described Dubai as a new destination for outsourcing. Because we are based in Dubai, we are always among the first to hear about new developments and technologies in the construction industry, enabling us to achieve the best results. We are always happy to share these stories with our network and our clients so that they are also the first to be updated. 

With over 10 years of HR and recruitment experience and many years of experience in the Middle East, we know better than anyone the local market legislation, which is essential in our business.


With este connect, we help AMBITIOUS entrepreneurs with their international expansion plans. We want them to make the right decisions and discover all the possibilities in the shortest possible time that will result in achieving their ambitious goals. 

With our headquarters in the heart of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai and another hub in Belgium, Antwerp, we bring together the best of both worlds in the field of architecture, engineering, outsourcing and international business. The choice of a location in Dubai is obvious, given the vast potential of highly motivated and experienced professionals that our region has to offer and a position at the centre of the world.


este about

We focus on constant communication. Only with transparent and open communication can we build a reliable relationship. Thanks to the diversity of our team, coming from all over the world, we have many different cultural differences. Therefore, we spend a lot of time training our people to communicate more effectively, because this is what makes us special.

Communication should be as simple as in football. Football has a very simple goal: put the ball into the end zone more than the other team (competition).

“Everyone on the field knows this basic goal (communication). So when things go well, we know the goal: put the ball over the line. When things blow up, we all still know the goal: put the ball over the line.”
Dave Ramsey, from The EntreLeadership

“A football team can only succeed by working together, and the same is true of humanity. When people from different nations, cultures and backgrounds come together we can better address global challenges and create a brighter future for generations to come.” said Messi...

This Barcelona superstar is the star of a new promotional video for Expo 2020 Dubai.

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We bring you experienced professionals and a flexible outsourcing solution for your technical and creative design.

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Share your long-term vision and start your business in Dubai within 2 weeks.

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