Case Belgian Tour Expo 2020

Belgian Tour Expo 2020

2 years after our in-depth interview for Bloovia Belgian platform for the digital industry, we organize the first event to welcome Belgian entrepreneurs to the Expo 2020. Time to have a quick recap and look back at 2019 on what we said, where we are now and what you can expect when you sign up for the Expo Dubai tour in November 2021.

In 2019, we talked mainly about the vision of becoming the Smartest City and how Dubai will become the First Paperless Government in the world by 2021. Meanwhile, 5G has long been established and a smartphone with 5G is the new norm, whether you take Apple or Android.

Let’s recap the Paperless Strategy, because that was the boldest strategy we discussed. 
We are 2021… Do I still see paper when I go to government departments? Yes, of course. 

On date of April 2020, 14 Dubai Government entities cut their paper consumption by 64,9%.
Some facts: 

  • Paper consumption went down from 261 million to 169 million sheets;
  • Savings on paper have allowed entities to cut costs by more than AED725 million till now. 
    (= 163 million EUR);
  • Over 20,000 trees have been saved;
  • By reducing in the use of paper, 7.7 million hours of labour across government sector has already been saved;
  • Additionally, more than 500 internal processes were streamlined.


Fourteen government entities have reported significant progress in implementing the Dubai Paperless Strategy, revealed Smart Dubai as part of its efforts to enhance government efficiency and transform the emirate into the world’s happiest and smartest city.

Quite impressive. The Dubai Paperless Strategy seeks to make sure that no employee or customer of the Dubai government will need to print any paper after 2021. Dubai Government entities will stop issuing or requesting paper documents for main or supporting operations.

If the situation allows, we will visit the Dubai Future Foundation during our Dubai Expo Tour. This is one of the most inspiring sessions of all time where you will be introduced to the government and see how they operate to achieve a smarter and happier city.

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