Case Expanding during a crisis

Expanding during a crisis

We're expanding and exploring new locations.
Expanding is something you never do on your own. That's why we're looking for a personal assistant. As always, we set the bar high. 

For many, this year has not gone as planned. But we have two choices: either it gets better or it gets worse.

Nothing will be the same when this crisis is over. This is the only prediction I can give you without being Nostradamus.  Ask yourself: What do I change now or what am I going to improve so things can get better for me?

Everybody talks about what they’re going to do and how great things are going to be, but if we keep it real, what people need to do is look at what are they going to give up.


We have worked hard and changed our business model and refined our values, we gave up our limiting beliefs and are now ready to serve the international market as a strategic outsourcing partner that will contribute to the growth of ambitious architectural firms. 

We are now looking for a successful Personal Assistant that can work independently and will ensure that whatever comes their way is handled according to our values.

Read the full description at our career page and read everything about our values.

You too will get through this, if you believe in it and keep working on yourself!

Have faith,

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