Case Get 1000 dollars

Get 1000 dollars

You read it right, we'll give you a thousand dollars - 1000 - by bringing us a client.

Why we do this?

It's painful to see that some companies that were so promising just a few months ago might not make it because of COVID-19. Today we see that large organizations in Dubai lay off talented designers, architects and engineers, while we at este have a tremendous ambition to grow.
We are ready to hire the next group of talents to dedicate them to entrepreneurs who need them to grow their business. These strong talents deserve a new great place to work as quickly as possible. And we trust we can offer this!

Therefore we need you!
We introduce this incentive to help those who want to make some extra money in these challenging times, to evolve our business and that of our clients.

We believe we have the right solution for architects and construction companies seeking the most experienced talent to take advantage of their competition. We are convinced that the available talent will help many companies in their expansion.

We also believe our own network is worth so much more.


How can you make money with us?

Working with us is easy and flexible, just as it is for our clients.

In order to receive 1000 dollars, there is no contract involved, so there are no strings attached.
You bring a client to us and receive a confirmation from us. As soon as it becomes a partnership and the contract is signed, you will receive an agreement. After 3 months of partnership with the client you brought in, you will receive 1000 dollars in your account.

Hey, and feel free to bring in more clients in the meantime, so that your 'account' keeps running. (is this what they mean with cash flow?)  


What type of clients are we looking for?

Ambition, ambition & ambition.

Commitment, and purpose-driven. 

We love to work on projects of outstanding design and with clients who have a vision for the future. Because our collaboration is focused on communication, we work with clients who are dedicated to teamwork because we communicate on a daily basis.

We are seeking entrepreneurs who are looking for a partner that provides added value in the collaboration, just as we would sit next to each other. (but... as you know, in many cases that's no longer possible, so working remotely is now our new world)

Clients can come from anywhere in the world. Our team is international and we adapt to our customers' standards. 

Read what our purpose is and with who we want to work with.


Who can participate in this?

Do you want to make more money? That's the answer.
Anyone with a network in construction can certainly get started right away because many architects and construction companies are still looking for experienced designers, architects and engineers and are currently recruiting.

You are already an architect, a professional in construction or perhaps you are already a client of ours?
Then you can use these 1000 dollars as a discount for your next project or invoice. 


Terms and conditions

  • Valid on contracts with a minimum term of one year.
  • Invoices from your client must all be paid before receiving the 1000 dollars. 
  • Dollars will be converted into your current currency, taking into account the exchange rate in effect at that time.


Does that sound easy and too good to be true? Well, sometimes it can be easy too.


Ain't no virus gonna stop us.


WhatsApp me to get started: +971585601411

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