Case 5 reasons why you should hire remote workers during the pandemic downturn

5 reasons why you should hire remote workers during the pandemic downturn

Don't look down on remote workers, freelancers or the outsourcing system; it's a valuable resource and adds value to your current talent pool. Outsourcing your design and engineering work is worth considering in the current crisis we're going through, and there are five reasons for this.

1) Remote workers are the ones who know everything about WFH

Do you have to think twice about what the term WFH means? That’s okay.
WFH stands for Working From Home. Remote working. Virtual working. Flexible working, and all the differences in between.
Remote workers know the best places to work productively and still get the job done. They know how to deal with changes and managed the start of the lockdown a lot easier.

2) Only results matter

Getting things done, isn’t that what we all want? Less management, more results, the dream of every business owner. Choose people who can adapt quickly in this turbulent world and who finish whatever comes their way. Freelancers, agencies and remote workers do their job, simply because it's their job.

3) There is no need for investments in IT and software

Working with an outsourcing agency or freelancers usually comes without you having to invest in equipment because they have everything in-house and know how to handle it. For a change, you can onboard and your overburdened IT department will be spared the hassle. And what's more, no investments in design software!

4) They come up with new, unseen sensations and possibilities. 

When you work with remote workers, perhaps in another country, they come with a huge range of experience and exposure because they deal with more different clients in one year, some even more than others in an entire career. You need that broad background and the outlook it offers on the market today. And who knows, they may bring you networking opportunities and projects.

5) You go fast.

This is how it works: meet online today. Share your ideas. Startup. Collaborate and meet online when necessary. Finish.
Repeat success. Yes, it can go really that easy.


The pandemic has shown us a few things this year. The new shift towards flexible work has proved successful under the current circumstances and will probably stay a major part of our new life. As leaders, we must realize that there is no way back to traditional ways that limit our freedom of choice and autonomy. Businesses that fail to understand the importance of the changing risk losing the chances of a strong recovery at the end of the pandemic. There has never been a better time to embrace the change than today.


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