Case Human vs Machine

Human vs Machine

Compliment or compete?

Chess games, Human opposite Machine.

That it was an exciting chess competition, it certainly was! Who will beat who this time? Human or Machine?

Although I didn't know Human, nor of course Machine, and even though I don't know much about chess, I also got nervous in the last 30 minutes of the game.

I asked the organisers of the chess competitions what the chances were for Human. "Not many chances”, the man said, “maybe in time”.

To be honest, I didn't quite understand what he meant by 'time'. By now, I was also too focused on the King and the Queen on the board game of Human, because isn’t that the most important thing in chess, I thought… Little did I know that also time was important. 

I also noticed that Machine needed a lot of time to make a decision. Isn't this weird? A Robot / Machine that needs so much time to make a move? It was really as if Machine took the time to 'think'. It made me even more nervous. 

In the meantime, Human played like his life was depending on it. His moves only took a second. I wondered if Human might be playing strategically? What was behind the ‘thinking’ of Machine? I had to find out both. But how? I didn't know Human. (nor machine… of course not...) 🤔

I couldn't control my nerves anymore. This was so interesting and exciting. Only 1 minute left. Human played so fast. Machine was not making any mistake…

What happened? Human won! 🏆

How Human could win against Machine?! How did I find out? I just had a talk with Human! (Nah, not with Machine. So far still no interest in having conversations with machines. You all know by now my experiences with ‘them’ if you are following me for a while and are reading my previous blogs) 

Read further. Here is the interview with Human, Hamad Anwahi - Chief Administrative Officer at Dubai Statistics Centers, who won against the Machine 💪


Hi Hamad, well done! How did you do this? Is this the first time you are playing a game against a machine?


This is my first experience with AI.

I was wondering: 'how human could win against machine, if the computer will not make any mistake in the game?' Then while playing I found something. I found that his analysis takes time.


So what were you thinking?


I thought: 'Ok, but what will he do in time trouble later?' Humans in time trouble act faster, because they feel. But how will the machine feel? The program will continue to analyse. So I played with this idea


Wauw, that’s a deep analyse you did, while playing. I thought something was going on in your head, but I couldn't put the puzzle together. I noticed you were playing so fast. Was there any strategy?


It was very hard to keep playing until we both reached the time trouble situation. He was playing the best moves with usual analysis. I did my best to just keep playing.


Yes you did. You really were playing good.


I mean not losing fast.

So I didn’t attack much, I was trying to defend my pieces, and my King as well. Then we both reached the time trouble pressure.


What happened then?


The machine was analysing as usual.

I don't know how to explain how hard it is to stay alive against something that never makes mistakes.


So you're saying you were about to lose?


The machine was about to win if we still had to play for 3 minutes. But he loses on time, the position was in his favor. But time helped me.


Congratulations! I am so proud of you!


Thank you very much and thank you for your interest.

I am very happy to win this game!

The next day, Hamad sent me the following message:

Yesterday before I went to sleep; I was thinking: How I really haven't lost against Artificial Intelligence for about 57 minutes…

I find it remarkable that Hamad calls the Machine ‘he'. Maybe it’s because it is really his first experience with AI and robots.😉

Welcome to my world, Hamad.

Nice to meet you!

Written with human sympathy,


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