Case Industry 4.0 - the construction industry

Industry 4.0 - the construction industry

Construction must look to the manufacturing sector for lessons on digitalisation and automation.

Industry 4.0 and technologies such as AI, BIM, drones, 3D printing and robotics are fundamentally changing society.

I'm wondering how it's possible that few business owners see the great opportunities in these technologies, and others are completely ‘undisturbed’. 
For them, it's like nothing changes in the world at all. It seems like it's all just passing them by, or maybe they think it will all go back to the way it used to be?
I don't know.

I admire those few who had foreseen the potential and are now far beyond their competitors, no delays, conflicts and unexpected cost overruns. They have embraced technology, a new way of working and most likely as a result of a digital transformation strategy.

Transforming the construction industry - say what? 

The construction sector is not the easiest sector to transform. There are many challenges to tackle.

We can only help with a few.


"80% of Autodesk's clients cannot find the skills of the talent they need."


From Dubai, este has access to specialised and experienced technical designers, 2D, 3D and BIM experts and this for the complete Autodesk range.

We recruit experts who have experience with the Autodesk software package required for your project. This can be AutoCAD, Revit, Revit for BIM, but we can also provide you with experts in Navisworks and 3ds Max. 

Due to our advantageous location, we are able to build up your entire team within one month. You choose who you want to work with.

We work together on a remote basis from our offices in Dubai, alongside your team.
To ensure the best possible cooperation, our office is yours as well, you are always welcome. We are one team.

Have a closer look at our way of working

Disturbed greetings


If you are in need of Autodesk experts, ask your questions anytime


Source pictures and sub title: Meed Business Review - Turning to Tech

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