Case 4 tips to outsource successful

4 tips to outsource successful

Ready for 4 tips on how to make your outsourcing projects a success? We're already halfway through the year and for many of you I can imagine that 2020 has not turned out the way you wanted it to be. But there are still enough months left to get ahead of others and that means this year can still be marked as a successful year. As summer approaches, let's discuss today how your projects can get off the ground, your company can take the lead, and how we can get your future plans back on track.
Consider outsourcing, read on to get your tips for the best outsourcing strategy.


“If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not,

you’re putting yourself out of business.”

— Lee Kuan Yew (Singaporean politician and lawyer)


Too many architects still worry about losing control during outsourcing, and while many of our clients praise outsourcing and it helps others around the world to grow at a significant rate, the fact is that it can save a lot of time and money if done right.

Here are 4 tips you can use to ensure that outsourcing becomes a strategy for achieving growth:

  1. Don’t wait until you have a staffing problem to search for the ideal outsourcing partner.  You can start searching for your new outsourcing partner today. A good agency takes the time to understand your needs and how your business works. That way, they'll provide you with a workforce that can help you achieve your key business goals. Ideally, they provide the option to also recruit tailored to your needs and let you decide who you want to work with. This approach takes a little more time. So start your search on time.

  2. Focus on productivity, not only money. Saving money is not the best strategy when outsourcing. You've heard the saying before: "He who pays peanuts gets monkeys", better advice to keep in mind is that people are never a cost, but an investment. The same goes for outsourcing. Investing in a quality partnership and striving for the long term remains the best investment you can make - even in an uncertain economy.

  3. Communicate daily. Never lose sight of your projects and your remote team. If you think there's nothing new to say, make a video call and just say hello. You'll see that there's always something to discuss and in that way, you'll keep a close bond. Demand a daily overview of your project team member with three standard questions that need to be answered by email by the end of the day:
    • "What did I do today?"
    • "What didn’t go well today and how did I solve this?"  (if all went well today, share your successes)
    • "What are the tasks for tomorrow, what do I expect from you?"

  4. Define your goals. Knowing why you want to outsource is a good start. Most outsourcing relationships fail because the expectations are not clear and the owner is in a hurry to 'just get the job done'. Outsourcing will fail if not enough time and attention is paid initially.  By devoting sufficient time to understanding mutually valuable goals, a long-term relationship is guaranteed. Be clear about your future goals so that your outsourcing partner and the team can contribute to them.

It's important to consider your outsourcing partner not as a supplier but as someone you think you can have a long-term strategic relationship with. Find a supplier who philosophically fits your organization well and who will work with you as a true partner.

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Read the success stories of architects who have taken the step to outsource their design and architecture projects and who are now more productive than ever, and with peace of mind. 

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