Case Outsourcing as a strategic decision

Outsourcing as a strategic decision

Today, outsourcing is not only seen as a cost-saving solution but has also become a strategic decision for many organisations.

When outsourcing is efficiently applied for time-consuming and demanding projects, you can now focus on your business' core assets.

If you no longer want to invest in the technology and infrastructure or if you can't find the skills and experience locally to meet your demanding goals and ambitions, it's an excellent strategy to choose an outsourcing partner who can provide all of this. Such a strategy keeps you up to date and helps you to meet deadlines and customer standards. It enables you to build a reliable, long-term relationship in order to continue delivering quality work.

Before you decide to outsource your architecture and drawing work, it's important to examine all options to determine whether or not this is the best solution for your organisation. Outsourcing is not for every business, so let's go through the benefits but also possible obstacles you may encounter on the way.


Cut costs, a lot: If you opt for outsourcing, you no longer spend money on recruitment, HR management, infrastructure, software and the (sometimes infinite) learning curve of your human capital. You only pay for the services provided.
According to statistics from Atlas Industries, labour costs are reduced by 20 to 30 percent if you outsource the modelling and visualisations of your architectural project.

Work with the best: While saving costs and time on hiring and selection, you can be sure that the professionals you outsource to are of the best quality and that they work with the latest software (without you having to invest) - yet without having the effort to find these experts. By building a partnership with an outsourcing partner, architects can focus on where their skills lie, design. A trusted external partner who takes on additional tasks and creatively takes care of aspects such as project modelling and visualisation ensures that adjustments can be done quickly and easily.

Save time: You don't just save time in the recruitment process, you save time every day. Whether you're a small boutique design studio or a large construction company, once your external team is up and running and you have your own dedicated designer working for you, you'll finally have the freedom to do the things that really matter, such as managing your business and (finding new) clients, and then maybe even taking on new opportunities.


Thinking that there isn't enough money left for the tasks that take up too much of your time and energy, or continuing to think that you have to do it all yourself, is the wrong way of thinking that slows you down and hinders your chances for growth and prevents you from seizing other opportunities.

No one can do it all by themselves,
get to know your limits.


We will certainly not deny it, there may be obstacles along the way when you first rely on an external partner. Maybe you've outsourced in the past, and that has given you terrible results, or no results at all, meaning a waste of money and a stressful period when you look back on it.
In the second case, this unfortunate situation may have been valuable after all, because you now know how outsourcing should not be done at all. Nobody wants to have a project team member who does the work only with a fraction of the quality you could do yourself.

Communicating: Outsourcing is all about communication. 
Popular outsourcing destinations today are Asia, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. It's an indisputable fact that people from the East somehow communicate differently from people from the West. Both think in a different way and therefore they also express themselves in a different way. Let this not be a reason to misunderstand each other and miss the opportunity to do business internationally.
Remember: people in the East don't ask questions easily, it's just not in their culture and people from the West are initially more open and comfortable in a new collaboration from the beginning.

Timezone: If you work with an international partner, there will be a time difference, which can mean a slight adjustment of your work routine in the beginning. This does not necessarily have to be a limitation. Because your partner works a few hours ahead of you, you're always sure that your work is finished on time and that you meet your deadlines. At first, it will feel strange to have someone available almost 24/7, without any time independence. Probably something you don't have locally, where your people leave work at the end of the day. 
You'll get used to this soon, especially if it leads to more efficiency.

Too much outsourcing: Outsourcing too many of your activities can result in losing sight of the key aspects that make your business unique and thereby losing the strength that sets your products and services apart from the competition. That's why it's important to know which tasks you can outsource best and which tasks you need to keep in-house. 



As easy as it sounds, following simple rules can make a big difference in your new partnership.
For example: define, together with your partner, some guidelines for the way of communicating:

  • When and for what type of message do you want to use e-mail, and when would you prefer to use Skype/Slack/WhatsApp or any other type of chat platform?
  • Schedule daily video conferences and stick to this plan.
  • Don't leave your remote team or designer alone on the fact that you don't see them every day in real life.

There are so many different ways to communicate today, choose the most comfortable and convenient way that best suits your project, team and business.


Distance can no longer be an obstacle to working with a remote team.
If you still feel insecure or uncomfortable, choose a partner where there is an option to meet your team in person from time to time.

The success of your outsourcing projects will depend on how efficiently you build a reliable relationship and how well you communicate with your remote team.  When communication and teamwork are used correctly, outsourcing is an excellent way to reduce costs, save time and increase efficiency within your organisation.

If you would like to take a closer look at our way of working, how we have a strong focus on communication in order to achieve the best possible results and build a long-term partnership, do not hesitate to contact us. And by the way, our office is yours too, you are always welcome.
We are one team.


Warm greetings,

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