Case Stop adapting. Take over the control.

Stop adapting. Take over the control.

Lately, everyone is talking about "the new normal", whatever that is.
We, at este, don't like the term 'the new normal'.

By constantly telling people that they 'have to adapt to the new normal', it gives them the feeling they need to change all the time. And that's exactly what makes people less productive and creates resistance. Bear in mind that a large part of the population - read: Gen Y - was still struggling under its own steam to find a place in the world, even before the pandemic, and is now forced to 'change'. 

What are you standing for?

Whatever is happening around you, you have to stand up for something so that you stay focused. This is where our creativity comes from.

If you have to change to the current situation all the time, you forget yourself.

What is your mission and where are the goals that you have set before?

It won't get you anywhere to lose focus all the time from what was so important not so long ago. This situation should not be a reason to lose those goals. 

You will get through this!

Here is a reminder that this time will pass and that you will get through this. Think of all the time and effort you devoted to getting this far. Things change, and they always will.
No one knows what will happen in the months to come, or even in the year to come.

More important is that you have your goals clearly defined for the future. Let the people around you, your team and your clients know that they can still rely on you. Tell them you're not going anywhere. This will also give you an extra boost to your self-confidence.

COVID-19 as a cultural shift.

We see COVID-19 as a cultural shift. When you stop thinking in terms of "adjusting" you can take control again. Don't be led by the situation. I invite you to see the current crisis as a journey towards greatness. See the opportunities. 

Take over the control again.

How can you take over the control again?

  • structure
  • routine
  • discipline

In this way, we have been able to survive this year. By using more checkpoints during the day, more routine and more intensive communication, we were able to focus on what was really important.

The most important question we asked ourselves regularly during the team meetings were:

1. Am I healthy? Yes, I am! Good.

2. Is my family healthy? Yes! Great.

Let's move on.


Your biggest assets

Employees are the biggest assets of any company. They are responsible for carrying out all the activities an organization needs. No matter what type of contract and their role, we need every one of them to move forward. If they lose their motivation, they will also lack creativity. In our field, that would mean unable to deliver outstanding design, and that would come with a price tag.

Creativity comes with peace of mind. The less you have on your mind, the more you can create.

For us, it helps us of course that we headquartered in Dubai. Our inspiration comes from fantastic architecture. The government provides the support we need. Everything revolves around Happiness. The Happiness Strategy was established a few years ago with the aim of becoming the Happiest city on earth. Yet the daily motivation within the team and the organization is a management task. Not one day since the start of the pandemic, we have skipped a team meeting. 15 minutes in the morning with only attention to motivation and mentality.

Today we work both remotely and from the office and have created a very positive atmosphere in the workplace. And I have to say, it is transferable.

Have constructive meetings

If there's one thing you need to adapt to, it's creating a very constructive environment in your team.

I advise you to have team meetings every day, as well as one-on-one meetings on a regular base so that you can detect quickly enough when something threatens to go wrong.


Get in touch! 

Book a call with Evelyn Stremersch if you want to have a discovery session about how we cope with this. Always free for advice.

Clients who work with us have chosen not to recruit themselves for various reasons. We see that most of our clients want to save time and money, and they do. What's more, we're a partner they can rely on to scale their organization into the future. Would you like to know more so that you can define a strategy? Then schedule a call or read our success stories.

If you haven't considered outsourcing to be your next strategy, make sure to consider it today.

If you haven’t already considered outsourcing as your next strategy, make today the day take this into consideration and get in touch to set up a reliable partnership abroad. We take care of your whole team and office space in Dubai.

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Constructive greetings,


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