Case Construction industry is changing for the better

Construction industry is changing for the better

COVID-19 is changing our construction industry for the better.

For some, it may feel a bit overwhelming, all these changes, however, the COVID-19 crisis will benefit our construction industry. 

What has changed?

Working remotely is certainly one of the biggest changes for all of us. To start with, let's think back to how it used to be.
How many times have we heard the expression "this is how we've always done it..."  How much of our time hasn't been wasted in traffic, driving from one meeting or construction site to another, and let's admit it... thinking, "What am I actually doing here..., I have to do this or that before 5 p.m., let's hurry". 
You probably remember the times you visited the public authorities to get approval for a building permit, only to be informed that the person in charge of your project was unable to attend, and you were asked to come back a few days later? 


It was the time when we weren't so digital yet, actually, not that long ago. A time that some people still crave and others never want to go back to. A time that some people miss and others never think about again.

It's a fact that we have had to adapt extremely quickly and let that be one thing our industry is not very good at, but COVID-19, or the Coronavirus, gave us no other option. This brutal crisis, and the invisible 'enemy' for some, forced us to just stay inside, another thing most of us are not used to do at all. 

The argument "this is how we’ve always done it, and so this is not for us" was no longer a statement to hold on to. Many were struggling, some adapted, while others recorded results like never before.

It was rather remarkable to see at the same time how many were struggling with rapid changes, not quite knowing what to do, probably due to obscurities and thinking it would only be temporary, misinformed or listening to unreliable sources, while others adapted quite easily, still remaining as cautious and still, and others achieved successes at a fairly early stage of the virus outbreak.

Why some booked success, and others not?

  • Opportunities are everywhere: successful entrepreneurs have noticed this immediately and hit the ground running. They adapt easily, change business models, contact old clients, current clients and look for new clients, see where they can help and where they can add value in their sector, and perhaps even look for other opportunities and activities.
  • Working remotely requires discipline, however, it is not a combination with being controlled. Successful people managers realise this and gave their people the freedom to do the work from home, within a realistic timeframe, instead of controlling working hours. Routine and a healthy work-life balance have never been as important as before.
  • Communication and collaboration are essential for every project: project managers, contractors and every shareholder in the construction process have realised this from the very first moment and adapted to online conference meetings. By scheduling daily meetings at the same hour and time, projects remain on track and the usual contractual waiting times are kept to a minimum.
  • Last but not least, those who shed light in dark times will shine forever. Seeing each other daily at the same time will not only give routine, but it also sets expectations, you quickly notice if someone is not involved, does not feel well and if it's necessary to give more attention. In this way, you show your people that you will get through this, better, stronger and above all, together. Certainty is what people need most.


How can you win from this crisis?

Changing the expression "this is how we've always done it" and focusing more on "what we need to do to make this work" will lead to better and faster results across your organisation, industry and life.

  • Look to the future!
  • Make plans, have a perspective for your organisation and your team.
  • Stay competitive.
  • Never lose focus on the market and your competition. There's a reason why they win and why you might lag behind.
  • Engage your people and management in your plans.
  • If you're already winning, keep going! Don't look back.


What can we do for you?

We play a fundamental role for you, as an outsourcing partner. Outsourcing is a strategic step on a roadmap to recovery for the sector. It's extremely important to have the best talent available to you now, without having to take the risk of hiring staff and investing money.

Budget cuts will be a priority for many organisations for a very long time to come!
Maybe you had to lay people off, but that doesn't mean you don't need experienced talent for your upcoming projects and future plans. If that is the case, consider outsourcing routine work such as drawing and creative design and working with a flexible partner like us. We think along with you and we think about the future, our future but above all the future of our clients and our sector.

We have proved over the past eight weeks that construction can really be done differently, and most of us have even shown that they really want to. This COVID-19 crisis could finally be the catalyst for change. We need to make some of these short-term changes permanent and accelerate the construction and infrastructure revolution that will make us more effective and efficient in the long term.
Let us all seize the opportunity and honour the tradition of a strong and sustainable industry.


Don't wait, work out your new post-COVID-19 strategy and consider outsourcing.
We have worked out various flexible solutions, specially tailored to your creative design and engineering projects. 


Ain't no virus gonna stop us!



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