Case Working from home during Corona

Working from home during Corona

When an unexpected crisis hits us, like COVID-19, people, companies and governments get affected. And yes, we can say the COVID-19 is a crisis, but we have to see how to move on with our lives and business. The prime minister of Belgium, Sophie Wilmès, said, 'with the increasing number of secondary infections, additional actions are needed

Companies and their employees are encouraged to continue their activities, but to work from home as much as possible. But how many of them are well prepared to work remotely and moreover equipped to work from home? And which of the team leaders are trained to manage teams remotely?

We will be tested heavily in the coming weeks, both governments as employers and employees. 

Employers who were not previously used to giving their employees the freedom (read: trust ) to work in a flexible system may soon have no choice but to let their employees work from home to perform tasks that can actually be done from anywhere. (Because: 'the objective is to slow down the number of infections. The fewer new patients we get, the less intense the peak in the number of patients will be and the better we will be able to help people who are seriously ill', said Sophie Wilmès.'

Employees who are not familiar with working from home are faced with a challenging experience and are expected to deal with their freedom and organise their time efficiently so that their work is carried out as before. Employers will, for example, expect that the employee also arranges for childcare, just as if they had come into the office.

How do you feel about it?

Maybe you don't feel like having your team to work at home at all, or maybe you are forced by your employer to work from home, but you do realise that for now, because of this COVID-19, or Corona Virus, you realise, this is the wisest thing to do.

For those who are new to working from home or having a remote team, it's likely to raise questions about workflows, how to organising yourself best to work from home and much more, how to monitor your team or how to stay productive.

It is, however, an easy way of working and even fun to do!
Nowadays it has become so obvious to communicate with the whole world. At the same time, it feels like sitting next to each other, talking comfortably with your team from anywhere, without having to go outside, could it be more relaxing?

It's time to make remote working a new way of working.  Enjoy it, embrace it and you'll see, a lot less stress.

And remember, less stress, is more energy. More energy is giving a greater sense of well-being.
Well-being = Happiness.

And not to forget, with higher levels of job satisfaction, employees are less likely to look for other jobs or quit.


Stay healthy,

Happy greetings,



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