Case You cannot do it yourself

You cannot do it yourself

Dubai and the UAE economy are on a good footing for an accelerated comeback once the Covid-19 pandemic eases, but the world must synchronise its efforts to bring about recovery, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed, chairman of the Dubai Supreme Fiscal Committee, said, in an interview with The National

We have the infrastructure, the airlines and the hotels, all of which gives us a strong boost. Not to mention that we have access to the best talent in the world and that we are always at the forefront of the latest technology. Dubai has always been the hub for technology, talent and business and will always remain so with leaders like these.

Dubai, for example, will be the first city in the world to operate entirely on Blockchain technology and it is also the first government in the world to have an AI minister and department

The pandemic brought the air travel industry to a standstill and has tipped the global economy into a recession. Multibillion-dollar events like the Tokyo Olympics and Expo 2020 Dubai have been postponed while the Hannover Messe, an annual trade event, was cancelled for the first time in its 73-year history.

But Dubai, and so are we, are optimistic about the future.
"The government’s approach, its quick response, the agility of the healthcare services, coordinating with the private sector, has been very positive. The message that you will be attended to – this all means that you are geared because of the facilities that you have.”

You cannot do it yourself; the world and countries need to open up to each other. When everybody opens up, and this disease clears up, then I think things will be back,” said Sheikh Ahmed.

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