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este is the leading company in outsourcing solutions, recruiting international technical designers, architects and engineers.
Our mission is simple: to help people and businesses grow.

For this position, you have the objective of increasing our sales on the international market and help companies in the construction industry to grow.

You will be part of an organisation that highly values communication in order to successfully and qualitatively complete projects together.

Job summary

Before you apply, you commit to do whatever it takes, and that starts with doing exactly what we ask you to do in order to submit your application.

If you are a professional sales agent, currently stuck in a sales job, making $50,000 a year as one of the top performers, but you know you can do more and there are no more opportunities for you, consider joining us.

Here's the deal.
You call architectural firms who are in need of improving their design team and offer them a remote team in Dubai. 
We sell outsourcing services to architects and provide highly qualified technical designers and engineers for the design of their structural and architectural project.

If you have experience calling companies you will love this.
We're not looking for people who don't like to call, or who don't have this kind of sales experience.

Read further👇  because we think Big, and we want to expand even further internationally.
Your target will also be Big, and that's how you'll make a lot of money because you'll be working on a commission basis without being limited. 


This is how your commission package can look like:

An average contract for a client is $ 5000 per month

Your average commission over the year is 12%  (from 25% to 8% per month, recurring)

By selling 5 clients, you have a returning commission of $ 10000 per month

You can 10X this commission on your 12th month, by having 16 clients, and thus make 140K per year.

Per year you have an average of $142000*
(*Note: we also offer contracts up to $7000, there are no limits on how much you can sell!)


What we need:

  • Dedication, ambition and focus on your target
  • Commitment
  • Willingness to train daily
  • Strong work ethic - we work long days and on weekends because we focus on clients in different time zones
  • Caller & hunter - no mailer & farmer!
  • Based in Dubai
  • Money on your mind
  • Sales in your blood


You do whatever it takes, starting with a video message.
Tell us in a video message of 30 to 40 seconds, who you are and why you love this job description.


What experience is needed?

If you know how to call, if you know how to follow up, if you know how to write a professional sales email without spelling mistakes, then that's a good start. If you're good at what you do, we'll make you better. Knowing our construction industry is beneficial for yourself in achieving your goals faster and your commission as well.

You will need to follow a sales training from Grant Cardone that will make you an expert in cold calling, follow-up and closing that will lay a foundation for the rest of your sales career.

We will provide you with the necessary rocket fuel so you can earn a high commission. We ask in return, commitment and acquiring new clients. 


How we will know you will be great for this role?

Send your 30-second introduction movie to  and you will hear from us soon.




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