Case Revit & AutoCAD - Architectural

Revit & AutoCAD - Architectural

Mr Ivo Verrijckt runs a villa construction company and believes in outsourcing so that he can focus on his core business. When he wanted to have 2D & 3D designs of his new development projects, he called on este to have an experienced creative designer to fulfil the brief. 

The 2D designs needed to be of an exceptionally high standard and demonstrate a multitude of design options for proposed villa protects.

After detailed meetings that resulted in a full understanding of Mr. Ivo’s requirements, este recruited an experienced 2D AutoCAD designer with insight into villa construction. The remote designer has plugged into to Ivo’s team, with communication happening daily over WhatsApp and Skype to meet the standards of Mr. Ivo Verrijckt.



Discover how Mr. Frank Joosen, architect, and specialized in both new construction and commercial developments, partners with us in a different way for his Vectorworks design projects.

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