Case Tekla - Steel engineering

Tekla - Steel engineering

Real Corporation is unique in steel construction, both new constructions as for maintenance and renovation are part of their expertise. With the goal to expand their engineering and design department, they want to ensure their growth, but the search for expertise was slower than expected until they were introduced with este through their network. Together they decided to set up a remote team.

For their complex steel projects, they need engineers with extensive experience in steel detailing and calculations and with several years of experience with Tekla Structures, profiles that are not easily found locally and once found is a challenge to keep in the company as a result of the war for talent.

After considerable and extensive familiarisation with the management and technical department, este started the search for suitable candidates. The best selected ones passed a technical test in Tekla Structures and were presented to the managers.
The technical director and CEO of Real Corporation personally decided who will join their remote team.

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