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este international exists to offer remote support to building professionals and steel companies by providing them with a complete design solution to achieve their business and design goals.

Because we need to work on precise details to let projects win, we don't work for anyone. We need to be freaking like the projects and clients we work with, in order to put the same amount of love, passion and dedication into the work. If we don't love them, we won't be passionate as if it were our own project. We carefully choose and select our clients based on their communication skills, their management skills and, in all fairness, their fairness and financial status, because if we do not want to see each other succeed, there is no point in working together. Contact us at any time to see if you qualify for an assigned architectural team. 

Read experiences from architects who choose to work with us. 

Evelyn Stremersch

Hi, I'm Evelyn Stremersch, Managing Director and Founder of este international.

My personal mission is to have a significant impact on your personal and professional success.

(Why:) I have become obsessed with improving other people's lives because I have become obsessed with improving mine, so I know it is possible for you as well.

I committed myself to only working with elite entrepreneurs and only employing remarkable talent to grow and scale faster and more sustainably.

I'm the connection you can't make alone, whether it's the talent you can't find or the steps to international business and investments in Dubai. Maybe you're looking for an outstanding design that you can't bring to life without a team, or additional temporary support to reach your deadlines.  I'll let you achieve your goals. 

Let's talk!

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este will be the most trusted and personal consulting and design firm with complete design solutions, infinite possibilities and ultra-luxury craftsmanship for the high demanding client and building professional, both regionally and globally, to go beyond expectations as this is our driver that will set up apart and will offer privilege while staying in line with our core values.

Our Core Values:

Results - the more details, the more clarity and predictability we provide, the better the results. In everything we do, we promote the sustainable success and growth of our organization and the people we work with.

Excellence - we pursue excellence in execution and put details in everything we do. From the first contact to design, engineering and delivery, taking care of every detail is at the heart of este. This is deeply rooted in every project and reflected in the choice of partnerships. 

Alignment - our team members and the people we work with are aligned by their personal, professional and financial goals, and with business opportunities. We operate under the fundamental philosophy that team members will be more inspired and motivated to do great things if their work is relevant and meaningful to them.

Communication - constant communication is the key to a carefree collaboration. We are committed to always being responsive during the entire design process and delivery because this is what sets us apart as a partner during the project. We are committed to open and transparent dialogue and are transparent about the contribution in the organization to our team members in order to grow. 

Determination - we persist in ensuring the success of our clients, partners, este employees and shareholders by achieving our PPF goals.

Trust - acting with trust in others puts us all on the same page. Prove it, gain it, never lose it. 

Professionalism - we behave professionally in our work and business environment to maintain a strong professional reputation and a high level of work ethic. Professionalism leads to success in life and business.


With our headquarters in the heart of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai and another hub in Belgium, Antwerp, we bring together the best of both worlds in the field of architecture, interior, engineering, outsourcing and international business. The choice of a location in Dubai is obvious, given the vast potential of highly motivated and experienced professionals that our region has to offer and a position at the centre of the world.


este about

We focus on constant communication. Only with transparent and open communication can we build a reliable relationship. Thanks to the diversity of our team, coming from all over the world, we have many different cultural differences. Therefore, we spend a lot of time training our people to communicate more effectively, because this is what makes us special.

Communication should be as simple as in football. Football has a very simple goal: put the ball into the end zone more than the other team (competition).

“Everyone on the field knows this basic goal (communication). So when things go well, we know the goal: put the ball over the line. When things blow up, we all still know the goal: put the ball over the line.”
Dave Ramsey, from The EntreLeadership

“A football team can only succeed by working together, and the same is true of humanity. When people from different nations, cultures and backgrounds come together we can better address global challenges and create a brighter future for generations to come,” said Messi...

This Barcelona superstar is the star of a new promotional video for Expo 2020 Dubai.

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We bring you experienced professionals and a flexible outsourcing solution for your technical and creative design.

Pitch your idea. We give you the solution.

We set up your company in Dubai when you are ready to expand your global activities.

Share your long-term vision and start your business in Dubai.

Are you looking for a new challenge in your career?

Meet your future team members & GROW your career.

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